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with Peter Broderick and Keith Ochwat

Our New Crash Course

Our first virtual crash course, Supercharge Your Distribution, was a remarkable success. It empowered 251 participants from around the world to reimagine and maximize their distribution.  It far exceeded their expectations (see their heartfelt comments here).


Keith and I designed our second course for documentary filmmakers, Recharge Your Distribution, to be even better than the first course. It will have more sessions so it can cover more vital information.  Sessions will be more streamlined.

We will enable participants to refine a customized distribution strategy throughout the course.


We will also continue what worked so well in the first course.


Recharge Your Distribution will:


- provide the essential nuts-and-bolts information nonfiction filmmakers need to know now


- highlight New World opportunities and reveal Old World avenues no longer working


- enable participants to connect, collaborate, and share vital resources

See recording of 2021 Strategy Workshop 

Check your email for link

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