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Keith Ochwat and I first connected in 2009 when I consulted with him on the distribution of his second film, DIAMOND IN THE DUNES. I then helped Keith develop a hybrid distribution strategy for his third film, AGE OF CHAMPIONS. The strategy was so successful that it has become a model that filmmakers continue to learn from and be inspired by.


Since 2017, we have been working together as distribution strategists, helping independents design and implement customized distribution strategies. In addition to consulting with filmmakers around the world, we have collaborated on Special Reports and given joint presentations across the country.


Our goal is to enable independents to maximize their distribution and achieve sustainable careers. We designed Supercharge Your Distribution to empower documentary filmmakers with the latest strategies and tactics. The course provided vital information needed to succeed in the rapidly changing New World of Distribution.


Supercharge enabled us to see the future of film education, which will be collaborative, global, and virtual. Cutting edge information will be shared in real time. Recharge Your Distribution was built on the lessons we learned teaching our first course. Our new course will be bigger, better, and even more empowering!

- Peter Broderick

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Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick is a leading Distribution Strategist. As President of Paradigm Consulting, he spearheads the distribution of documentaries and consults with independent filmmakers and companies around the world. Peter helps design and implement customized strategies to maximize revenues, audience, and impact. His keynotes, workshops, and Bulletins have charted a widely-used roadmap through the New World of Distribution. Read his articles and subscribe to his Distribution Bulletin at

Keith Ochwat

Keith Ochwat is a filmmaker, distribution strategist and the Founder of Show&Tell, a virtual event platform and educational course. Keith’s work focuses on helping filmmakers identify their audience, create powerful partnerships, and creatively distribute their films. Learn more about Keith’s work at:


Lex Ryan

Lex Ryan spent most of their childhood on Long Island, obsessing over The Golden Girls. They drank sangria and taught English to kids in Madrid—not at the same time—and ended up in Los Angeles with a master’s in Film & TV Production from USC. After graduating in 2016, they joined Peter Broderick’s team and now Peter can’t get rid of them. Lex is an organizer, actor, virtual event producer, and photographer. They hope to impact the way people think about gender and race through images both moving and still. 

Mark Stolaroff

Mark Stolaroff is an LA-based film producer, instructor, and consultant.  With more than 25 years in the film industry, Mark's expertise lies in the low-budget, independent area of the business.  Mark has worked on set in nearly every capacity, has produced numerous feature films, and teaches and writes about micro-budget filmmaking through his No Budget Film School, which he founded in 2005. Mark first met Peter Broderick in 1997 when Peter was forming his new company Next Wave Films. Mark was his first hire at Next Wave, and they worked together providing finishing funds to exceptional low-budget features until 2002. Since then, they have provided each other support in their various endeavors. 

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Sarah Kaplan

Sarah Kaplan graduated Cum Laude from the University of Southern California December 2016. During her time at USC she studied theatre, business, and interned at FremantleMedia. She is an actor and joined Peter’s team at Paradigm Consulting at the end of 2019. Aside from film, Sarah has a true passion for helping and connecting with others from volunteering as a counselor for Camp Kesem to volunteering at animal shelters.

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