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It is taught by two distribution strategists with unparalleled experience supporting filmmakers across the country and around the world.

The focus will be on
practical steps that filmmakers can take to enhance the distribution of their new films, previous films, and future films.

Each module will be devoted to a different topic, but the value of the entire course will be greater than the sum of the modules. We will provide an invaluable understanding of how to succeed in the New World of Distribution.

This is our “panel free” event since panels are one of the worst ways to convey information ever invented.

The experience will be
genuinely interactive. Every session will include significant time for participants’ contributions and questions. Participants will form a virtual community where they can meet each other, share their knowledge and experience, and potentially work together.

Here is what we will cover:

1. Designing Your


How to design a customized hybrid strategy

2. Refining Your Strategy

How to revise a flexible strategy stage by stage

3. Scheduling Windows

How to make the most of each distribution window

4. Growing Your Team

How to build and manage a cost-effective team

March 17

March 24

5. Connecting Core Audiences

How to prioritize and reach key audiences

6. Pitching Your Vision

How to refine your pitch and your pitch deck

7. Reviewing Your Website

Peter & Keith evaluate participant’s websites

8. Creating Compelling Websites

How to design the most effective website

March 31


9. Securing Funders and Sponsors

How to attract funding, underwriting, and sponsorship

10. Monetizing Conferences

How to make the most money from conferences

11. Designing Virtual Screenings

How to create the most successful virtual screenings

12. Harnessing Virtual Screenings

How to integrate virtual screenings into your overall strategy



13. Negotiating Deals

How to split rights and negotiate the best possible deals

14. Maximizing Revenues

How to generate

the most revenue

15. Maximizing Impact

How to maximize your film’s influence and ongoing impact

16. Maximizing Career

How to keep doing

what you love




Strategy Tune-Up

MAY 12

Strategy Tune-Up

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