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We were moved by these comments from

Supercharge Your Distribution participants.

“As you know, between my own films and others I've produced in some fashion, I've been through the distribution grist mill well over a dozen times. And yet the course didn't just refresh my memory, it recharged my batteries and got me to see distribution in a very different light (including the possibility that it can actually be fun!).”


Doug Block, director of many documentaries including: 51 BIRCH STREET and his first film THE HECK WITH HOLLYWOOD!, which premiered in 1991 and is about to be re-released.  Founder and co-host of The D-Word, an online community of documentary film professionals.

“Thank you very much for the class.  I have never enjoyed a class so much in all my life!  You made us all feel special.  We feel that you care about us and you want to hear our stories, good or bad.  It’s been wonderful.”


Carole Dean, President of From the Heart Productions and author of THE ART OF FILM FUNDING.

“You and your team did such a stellar job with the Supercharge Your Distribution course! I so appreciated the wealth of information you provided and the open-heartedness that you provided it with. The best teachers are those who inspire with wisdom and champion with kindness — and you both do that with so much eloquence and grace.”

Beth Dolan, Producer/Director STRANGER AT HOME

"The course was dense and exhausting and wonderful. Its intensity and momentum kept the ideas alive from week to week and invaded my brain. Peter and Keith’s approach is fresh, creative and collaborative, offering a roadmap for independent distribution that equips and empowers."


Polly Wells, Director WE BEGAN TO SING

Here's a sampling of comments from other Supercharge participants

“I am thoroughly enjoying the course! The presentations are wonderful and the amount of information that you and Keith impart is way beyond any course or conference I have attended. Bravo!”


“I have taken 3 courses on this and yours is the very best!”


“Your seminar lit a fire for me to get moving. Now I have a strategy to move forward with all your kind advice. … you guys are geniuses!”


“Wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the Supercharge class, and the amount of time and care you and Keith and all are putting into it.”


“Really helpful, inspiring and action-inducing.”


“It is so helpful and just what I need. Absolutely wonderful!”


“Keith delivered a very clear look at public television that took me 30 years as an independent to begin to understand.  I doubt that most of your audience had a clue as to what a gift you gave them."


“I learned a ton and feel recharged for the road ahead”


"A+ invaluable course. Staggering how much I’ve learned.”


“I am super motivated & inspired after the Supercharge course! My head is full of more and new ideas. Also, I met some über-amazing people in the breakout rooms. What an experience!”


“Thank you for a such an informative, stimulating, affirmative workshop.  Lots of take-away nuggets throughout!”


“I have been able to find several partners for my short film.”


“It’s hard to find the words to express my gratitude for the excellent six weeks of Supercharge Your Distribution… Heartfelt thanks for your extraordinary work with this course - I really enjoyed every moment and have come away with so many new contacts, ideas and embryonic plans to be developed. I got so many new ideas throughout the course.”


“It really provided quite a boost of inspiration at a time when being an independent filmmaker has been quite challenging.”


“Really wonderful. Learned so much! And had a chance to feel a sense of community during these isolated times.”


“A fantastic course.  The information was well thought out and truly very helpful. Perhaps more importantly, bringing this amazing community of doc filmmakers together was something I think we all needed right now.”


“Thanks for the wealth of information and strategies for Super Charge seminar. It’s most valuable with wonderful networking opportunities too.”


“I already miss the class:) Will you continue? I hope so. I would definitely register again.”

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