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Keith Ochwat is a documentary filmmaker, distribution strategist, and educator. He is the Founder of Show&Tell, a virtual event platform and educational course. In collaboration with Peter Broderick, Keith consults with filmmakers to identify their audience, create powerful partnerships, and build sustainable creative careers. 


Keith produced three nationally broadcast PBS films chronicling the culture of Mongolia, a Uighur baseball team in Far-Western China, and the Senior Olympics. In addition to producing, Keith has developed and executed successful film distribution and audience engagement campaigns and created a virtual event platform and educational course called Show&Tell. 

For his most recent film, Age of Champions, Keith spearheaded a series of hybrid distribution campaigns, including a 20-state theatrical tour and grassroots screening campaign reaching over 3,000 community venues. Keith established partnerships with advocacy groups like AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association and companies like Cigna Health to propel his film’s engagement campaigns.


Having created his own films and led the distribution for them, Keith has expertise in such innovative strategies as corporate partnerships, PBS underwriting, virtual events, and conference strategy.


Before becoming a filmmaker, Keith pursued a career in public policy, working as legislative staff at the U.S. Capitol and the California State Capitol. Keith believes it was his experience in advocacy and negotiation combined with his passion for storytelling that helped him understand how to create impactful win-win partnerships.


Publications like Indiewire, Documentary Magazine, and Filmmaker Magazine have featured Keith’s audience engagement work. Learn more about Keith’s work at


Keith can be reached via e-mail at

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